Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shining through their arses

Not because I have anything to say, but because they resent it [random blanket censorship sucks]. And because… Just.

For 'They' Them
catch a falling star
and shove it up your arse
'cause you think it's going to save a rainy day

and here's my literary brilliantine, shiny spanking brittle.

My Wit
My wit
Is so Brit
Stiff at the bottom
And stiffer on top
Somewhere in between
While circumventing the queen
In the bylanes of London
It got lost.

It would be a sin
Nevertheless, Ogden Nash, zindabad!

And here’s quoting my newfound hero:

So that’s who I remind me of
When I consider men [and women] of golden talents
I’m delighted, in my introverted way,
To discover, as I’m drawing up the balance,
How much we have in common, I and they.

Ya da
Ya da

[skipping 4 stanzas]

In comparison with men of golden talents
I am all a man [woman] of talent ought to be;
I resemble every genius in his vice, however heinous –
Yet I only write like me.



houseband00 said...

Hi H,

Poetry is such magic. Miss your own words, though. =(

H said...

HB :-) that's a complimentimo!

Ben Ditty said...

H'ys words are like sweet bhang, intoxicating me :)