Saturday, July 29, 2006

I’m stalking

My blog.

I’m holding it with iron fingers. Not letting it breathe. It’s a momentary phase. It’ll pass. It’ll pass.

Poopers. Thrice in a day is obsessive.

That’s it. Fark off.


n.g. said...

as someone exaltedly wise and wisely arsey once said.

farking poopy.

and parsely is indeed, gharsely.

kind of a metro-politan thought, eh.

and the reason why im awake at half ten on sunday morning is because i bleddy didnt sleep only. again. insert choice hindi cuss word.

H said...

oh bleddy noh!

this nonsense metro. I'm going to shoot it. and arrange it such that politan is arrested.

to update, my blog-stalking is progressing nicely. No sleep last night is a recurrent theme across cities. we're in office. tweaking arsey bytes.