Sunday, July 23, 2006

Death by chocolate

I died one day.

Death by chocolate, said the post mortem report.


Two consecutive days of sinful indulgence in leftover chocolate cake is a bad idea.

ODing on chocolate can nearly make you say “Hi Bloggy”. Nearly.


I think I am now a choco-libate.


n.g. said...

parsely is gharsely.

chocolate is ...


well, chocolate is chocolate.

H said...

hello ndotgdot.

chocolate is reprobate?

houseband00 said...

Hi H,

Lemme try:

Chocolate is...better late (than never) =P

Your binge got me craving for some.

H said...

mmm. yep I know. this gharsley chocolate. :-)

Ben Ditty said...

I wrote a blogpost in honor of this post :)