Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lunatic lizard lover

A song discovered on an asylum wall.

You’re so special
Like the three limbed lizard
That darts on my wall
Two tails of
That tell me who you are
Wherever you go
I’ll follow you
I’ll follow you
Like that song on the radio
Plays on my lips
So familiar
They loop in my head
Like the rays of the sun
On water
Shimmering, gold spun
When I see you through my window
On a black highway night
I’ll follow you
I’ll follow you
So special
That you are.

lunatic lizard lover/ Wasted on the moon


houseband00 said...

That was fantastic!

When I was a kid, I always thought that the lizards on the ceiling were like guardian angels. I always felt safe knowing they were there.

H said...

I love lizards too [not upclose though] in this other-worldly, they're-magical kind of way. there's something special about them. good to know there's another lizard-lover out there.

someday i'm going to hang up a picture of a silhouetted lizard on the moon, and then my head will be complete.