Monday, July 31, 2006

Bowel Ballad

People write ballads about themselves when they’re sad. I write arsey stories.

I’m sick of reading drivel-soaked writing that drones on about “the pain I’ve been through”. Get over it man. Get over it. Move on and make space for new experiences.

There’s this girl who writes poetry about the men who flogged her spirit.
Another extols the virtues of another drippy sod’s writing. ‘wah! What poetry… I’ll open a swiss account on the kakka he drops’.
Then another blubbers because the cat didn’t poop.

O forget it. Dumper trucks.

Feeling particularly trashed.
And arsey.

About shit and shit.

Farkity fark.

[so who arsed you to read that crap poopy H?]

That’s it. I’m off.


houseband00 said...

Ouchie, H! =)

Naaah, I know what you mean. We really have to move on with things.I think that's the beauty of the human spirit. No matter what or how long it takes each of us to shed our baggage, we eventually do. We're then just left with the memories - and that's what they all are.

H said...

That’s so true HB. I was thinking this afternoon as I was driving to work, that we concentrate so much on the pain that we go through… it’s natural. Our hearts were meant to feel pain, love, joy, but then our heads were meant to allow us to accept all of it with dignity, right? A very respected and wonderfully wise person once said, that life in nothing but a series of memories and impressions. That’s all we have to show for it. Perhaps.

But then again, in times of sorrow one can only fill one’s mouth with wise words, but one’s basic responses always remain… well, basic.

B diddy said...

not all of us move on some of us waste away in grief..or is that elves? Pretty sure it's elves. Donkeys from the 100 acre woods have it pretty bad too.

H said...

yeah sure brat B Diddy. donkeys too. I looooove donkeys. i so totally completely love them.

So fine... I read your post. now where and when's the date? on second thought, don't want to get sued for cradle snatching. BUt I'll tell ya... you shouldna worry 'bout people coming to your country and taking jobs... just read what this man has to say about it

J said...

How very odd... but enjoyable.

B diddy said...

im not too worried about anyone taking my job. America is a nation of immigrants. I just don't understand why they wouldn't rather try and make their country better.

B diddy said...

I definately don't support making illegal aliens felons

H said...

that's a thought B diddy... but sometimes, when your own country is exhausted, overpopulated and well... unable to cope, you tend to look to greener pastures. And what better place than the land that's constantly trying to redefine concepts in living and thought world-over eh?

H said...

It's a touchy topic with people world-over. many Americans hate Indians and Mexican etc... Many Indians hate Srilankan and bangladeshi immgrants... it's just a matter of who's on which side of the power equation. It's so easy not to understand.. it's so easy to push your luck. it's so easy to take advantage. everybody's always pushing upwards, and whatever gives, must make way.

Ben Ditty said...

I was so very ignorant back then...