Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dreaded conclusion: One year

Is up. Today. Right now.
"You had your chance gorgeous.
And you lost it"
Is what I'd like to say. Nonchalantly, even.
But I sit here writing bad bad bad
terrible poetry
That doesn't really qualify, but I'll call it that because I'm vain
And masochistic.
With one eye on the horizon
And the other cocked
On this dumb ether-page
Breaking lines and words at random will [in the glorious name of Love]
Like a sentimental senile farting horse.
While you're probably a million memories ahead
Well beyond the horizon
Far into somewhere much better.

And just when you thought it was over
[Not that you'll ever read this
Much less think about it
But being The Poet and all
With the license to do such things]
I have a few more words yet
To spend recklessly
And artlessly upon you.
To say,
Good luck.
You're probably better off, wherever you are
Kissing, embracing, warming [take your fickle fancy's pick]
A more worthy throat
Beloved heart breaker
My dear gorgeous little lost red scarf.


Lizza said...

An ode to a lost scarf. Only you can make an art form out of such a thing.

I could've sworn there was an r in the word pick when I first read the post. Good lord. Call the men in the white coats.

B Ditty said...

I wonder if the scarf is a metaphor for something else

houseband00 said...

Time to erase, baby! =)

Moving on will be easier from now on. I hope.

pRicky said...

is it the chinese (scarf)???

H said...

Liz: Prick? hahahahaha. Right. Grinning. Puts a whole new spin on things.
About the red scarf, we think it's somewhere in the sensible company of a deep blue Lamy ink-pen and a pink-red shirt, the colour of which we never quite agreed upon.

Ben: twinkle twinkle little scarf. How I wonder what you are...
[sorry, I know, even I’m cringing at this one… ~shudder~].

HB: hmmm. :-| bro. so it is, so it is.

Pricky: grin. ‘haps 'tis.

The One and Possibly Only said...

"sentimental senile farting horse"

It's all fun and games until someone is farted upon by a horse

H said...

And how Robert, and HOW!

pRicky said...

so well wazzzzz up????
but u need to wear a scarf chinese or not in summers right???

H said...

Ummm. It depends really. On how well the scarf works as an accessory. ‘Need’ is a very strong word. But, having said that, my red scarf… more a muffler really, is sorely sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

Guess who's back? :P


On 'For JR':

‘better place where the soul lives on’ will always be your heart/ mind.

No. It's not 'cheap chicken-soup-for-the-soul kind of sentimental'. What I believe in and what you believe in are perhaps two expressions of the same thing. I might discuss it further if we ever chat. Till then, let peace reign.

***Hugs to you too***


On 'Pink teeth':

Your dream is interesting and not in the least weird.

I think umm... you have something you like and hate at the same time, in an almost bittersweet way perhaps, that you've hidden away some place no one can find. Something acquired by chance and now it doesn't let go of you. It's also got something to do with cloisters.

I am inclined to think they are memories.

Of course, it follows that whatever you've hidden away is something that you NEED to keep concealed despite bursting with a desire to reveal it. Could be some form of repressed-memory, or an alternate personality, maybe.

That's my deconstruction. :|


On 'Dreaded conclusion: One year':

Well. If it's a scarf, then I shall hope that you someday be reunited. If it's not, move on. :)


PS: No one gave me ten bucks. I am not a member of a particular community that did recieve ten bucks. And even if, by mistake, someone did give me ten bucks, I would squander it in the pursuit of two half-teas and navy cuts (2+2+3+3=10) respectively. I am the purchaser, not the profiteer. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just checked the commments of your dream-waala post. My information pales in comparison to Lizza's.

I shall now check with dreammoods.com and compare self-interpretations of my dreams to what they have to say. :D

H said...

And guess who's happy that 'guess who's back' is back!!! :-D

About JR, I’d be glad to hear you on what you have to say! Anytime, any day. Of course peace shall reign, silly boy. Why should we be squabbling on things that exceed our intellect? My beliefs are pretty flexible. :-D

On Pink Teeth, when you say cloisters, are you referring to an extrapolation of the architectural term in psychodynamics? Or is there already a term like that in psycho-d? Well, I’ll just say that I really appreciate that both you and Lizza made such an effort to work it out! I value your interpretation as much as Liz’. And both of you have offered some very interesting perspectives. How fascinating if I do have an alt. personality though… hmmm… I wonder if she’s nicer… she’d have to be though. Can’t get any worse na? :-D

On Dreaded Conclusion, hmmm, I hope the red scarf and I are reunited too.

H said...

Oh and, AC, that was a facile thing to say [about the 10 rupees] I was just looking for something smart and mouthy to say to your very very masterly piece... just a case of couldn't-find-the-right-words. It's like little boys in primary school who punch the kids they like. or something as ridiculous. hahahahahaaaaa.

B Ditty said...

thanks for the comment on my blog H. I'll try and follow your advice.

H said...

They should make Barbie’s new boyfriend a Ben Doll. :-)

This is a compliment, in case you’re wondering.
[Increasingly I find that I don’t quite sound the way I mean to :-/ ]

Anonymous said...

WTF?!? Psychodynamics? What the hell is that? Architecture, I dig. Not psycho-d.

In a crude sense, yes, I am speaking architecturally as well as metaphorically. Cloisters of the mind. Maybe even catacombs is a good word.


I knew you were bullying me with the ten rupee thing. I chose to stay on a higher plane and pretend that you are miss goody-two-shoes. (Not to be confused with Jade Goody of Big Brother.)

I just read my previous comment and I feel like having a smoke now. :|

H said...

Hahahahaaaaaaaaa. Psychodynamics. Nice word. Someone threw it at me once. Was itching to do the same.

Bully. *cringe* I was trying not to use that word, which is why the lengthy allusion. Oh well, now that I’m exposed for what I am, WTF. :-D

[when you can't fight it, use it: WTF]

Anonymous said...

Now you're learning, dear little red riding hood. :)

NanNan said...

I am so out of this league, planet?? but I do have a closet full of scarves,,,some red,,, that would serve the purpose--propose--porpoise---whatever psycholingo is going on-- I guess I need to rewind????

H said...

No, ‘tisn’t you Nan, it’s just my very very abysmal skills at powtry. The psychoschlingo is a fa├žade… to make it all sound respectable. [all powtry must be appended with a worthy discussion that pierces through layers of subconscious ummm… errr… psychosomething , see.]

B Ditty said...

time to blog H!...please