Sunday, August 06, 2006

Midnight calling

The time display on her phone reads 02:22. Who isn’t sleeping at this hour? At twenty-two minutes past two am? Who’s sent her a thought just now? Hmmm.

If only thoughts came with sender, time and relay center information. If only she knew… with certainty.

Snapdragon Sunday. To wake up on a Sunday morning unrested and unslept is a bummer bitch.


houseband00 said...

I can totally relate to both incidents. Nothing's worse than having sleep robbed from you and justifying it with an old wives' tale. Then kept awake by the curiosity.

H said...

noooo but HB it happens to me... A lot. I just do so know that someone sent me a thought. I sound quite batty saying this... but when i feel close to someone emotionally, or when I allow them in that special place in my head, then their thoughts play havoc with my sleep. This is not the first time. Okay. the more I try to explain this one, the more cuckoo I sound. :-(