Thursday, August 10, 2006

A few good men

Unrhymed and metreless

Three good people sit down to a drink.
Two beers and a fresh lime, sugar on the side.
Three wonderful people, brimful of goodness and charm
discussing mundane things, till the conversation takes an unpredictable turn.
An evening of light nothingness becomes loaded with God.
Three good people, each personally acquainted with the Lord.

They’re all heaving under the burden of being truly nice.
“What you say has merit
But personally, I think you’re talking shite.”

Spiderman has it figured like the formula for love.
Mary’s telling silent rosary, as blasphemy threatens to murder the dove.
Attila’s grand niece [and grand she is, she believes]
decides that greasy nachos with sour cream, chicken and refried beans will make her fat.
They say she has a food disorder.
Fark ‘em she thinks. I have a clean heart.

Three good people come away after a drink
Two beers and a fresh lime, sugar on the side.
Oblivious that Heaven and Earth hung thinly that night
Over a round table at Ruby Tuesday, threatened by an unspoken fight.

But niceness is a virtue so pretty and fine
They’re back in their houses, peacefully, after holy nachos and wine
Secretly of course, now each is a confirmed fool in the others’ minds.


n.g. said...

thats why the n.g. drinks the whisky.

you just cant the beat.


H said...

Sigh, and my little ndotgdot has very convoluted nice-boy-bad-boy illusions. He drinks a whiskey drink to show he’s a bad boy. But he says nice things so I know he’s so nice. He’s sometimes very bad but he hates to show it. He’s very nice sometimes but he hates to show it too. When he’s good he’s very very good, and when he’s bad he’s very very bad. [Much like the pink imp, ahem]

And right now, I’m confused because he’s on a fresh fruit diet. Tell me little one, what’s it going to be this time?

NanNan said...

Laughing--- so true, hope my little brother doesn't read this, or the "secret" will be out!!! still laughing-- you must write for a profession, if not, why not??? I'd buy it!! still laughing----I just gotta come by your place every day---never know what's on the menu-- bizarre offerings, but all delicious!!!! and unpredictable and I don't know a word for the opposite of mundane, but i'm sure you do-----

H said...

Nannannnnnn! grin. glad you're laughing. Truth be told, the last time I tried writing professionally, I nearly undid my career. hmmm.

mundane... non-mundane? :-D

Ben Ditty said...

Oh, religion's such a divisive topic.

That's why I talk politics :)