Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hi Bloggy, my hips don’t lie

Nice song. Shakira, hot girl, can sing and dance too. Wah.

Which brings me to – Indian men. Can’t dance. Not to get laid. Not for anything. Can’t dance period. I suddenly hate going on dates with Indian boys. And I haven’t been on dates with non-Indian boys. So there. Basically, after seeing this video, I’m upset that I don’t get to show, EVER, how honest-to-God truthful my hips really are. Damn. Indian men. Need. Dance classes.


okay, so shoot me, I just saw this video for the first time yesterday, and I've been told right now it's an ancient stinking old song. So shoot me.


n.g. said...

i can dance. i go burn up the floor byaeebeee, like kerosene on a ducks back make ducks back itch like someone lit a fire on ducks back. umm, no, but i can dance.

but, i got sore-knee right now, and im a thousand miles away.

so when both issues get sorted, ill take you dancing.

fun will come.

shakira can go fuck herself. she looks like go between anyway.

H said...

umm hmm hmm... cynically I wait, for issues to get sorted and boy to fulfil many promises. one being the crossing of my palm with silver.

to recap.

1.) dance dance
2.) Silver silver.

la la la la la la.

I have a bank fulla promises, and somebody betta encash them, else somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

La la la la la la LAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

H said...

oh. and i promise a drink o absinthe, if the dyaaaancing be as good as he says.

houseband00 said...

Before you souse yourself, H-kira, do visit my site, please.


Anonymous said...

X - checkiing in from far and away

tap tap tappity tap shweeeesh swoosh tappitytap....... they call that the Ethopian "Shim-SHam"

man!! Absinthe does some fucked up shit to you, or maybe you do fucked up shit on Absinthe or you and absinthe do some fu................ bugger it

X - checking out

Anonymous said...

X - Checking in from the the Green Planet

n.g has his dancing shoes on, better be Fred Astair, cause H is all Ginger Rogers, and Bogart over here aint gonna let things lie,

"here is life looking at you"

can I get a drum roll please


X - Flexin his way out

Ben Ditty said...

Hello, I'm an American boy. And I can't dance.

"Welcome to dance rehab" they say.