Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blechy bloody breakfast

Never order off a menu that promises Mughlai, Chinese, Continental and South Indian cuisine.


Especially not when it’s eight in the morning. It’s a Sunday. You haven’t slept and you need a decent bloody breakfast in your stomach.

The idlis [come on! how tough is it to get a steamed rice cake right?] were like something that came out of a careless surgeon’s waste-bin. How’d he get them to smell like that? The sambar stank of last night’s mughlai trimmings… the hairy parts of onion heads and the snipped ends of garlic pods.

The chutney, was gharsley.

There’s nothing lousier than a bad breakfast on a Sun-farkin-day morning. Foul funk feast.

Just puffed on U’s ciggy to get past present foulness. Why don’t I ever remember? I hate the acrid taste of smoke even more.

I want mycornflakes in cold-coffee. NOW. Kick slap kick.

I think I’ll go bake myself a squidgy chocolate cake. And eat it too.


houseband00 said...

I was about to suggest milk and bread to get rid of the taste but cornflakes in cold coffee sound s trifec- blubber, blubber!


n.g. said...

and i got somesortofwasted last night.

i woke up in the middle of the morning wondering if id left my lenses on.

i checked.

i hadnt.



kicking-and-singing said...

H-hope you don't mind me posting in your Blog I am Nannan's neice.
Sounds liek a horrid Breakfast, now the Corn Flakes and Cold Coffee that doesn't sound half bad...
Take Care.

NanNan said...

Bloody, I understand, but blechy??
Even through all the unknown words, I can still grasp the hilarity--- I always thought I was born on the wrong continent, have always been attracted to Indian Cuisine and anything curry-- Wonder why you hadn't slept--another post maybe????? Get some sleep-----

H said...

HB, Cornflakes in iced coffee has pretty much been my breakfast for the last 8 years. I keep trying to convert to more 'normal' breakfast. but. I just can't. Sometimes my seriously coffee-deprived brain demands that I eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. And I still can't seem to get enough.

NG boy, gone swimming again without 'em lenses eh? BUT. getting wasted is a pleasurable exercise, the last I remember of it at any rate. Better than bad-arsed breakdfast. I'll drink to that. pour me some hoooiskey in my coffee. jaldi.

KS! nice to read you here. :-) yessss. nothing to beat cornflakes and cold-coffeeeeeee!

NanNannnnn. It's past five this morning, and I'm still awake [whinge whinge] Just got back from the studio. I'm so ready to go to da U Ass of A right now, cause my body-clock is sooooo jiggy with-it. Blechy is the sound of gharsley unidentifiable things going down my throat. About Indian food, aahhhh, there're are soooo many cuisines to choose from! And because I have extrememly mongrelised antecedents... I've been lucky to grow up with a very eclectic palate. from Kashmiri food, to Bengali food to food from the plains...Well then mustn't you visit this part of the world?

B diddy said...

I made an R and S ball when I was younger. It consisted of recee buttercup and snickers smashed together. Might go make another one. :)

H said...

What's an R & S ball? but it sounds delightful. I Laaav snickers. gimme anything with peanuts, even gharsley milk-choclate, and I'm a sucker for it.

Ben Ditty said...

Just had a big slice of cheese cake. There's plenty left to share :)

Anonymous said...
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