Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Sibling

Because I’ve known her all my life, and because no number of artistically, emotionally, poetically wrought words can do justice to what she means to me, here’s a short dispassionate essay, devoid of, as far as I could help, ‘weasel words’, that will give you a police-station artist’s sketch of this uncommonly gifted, wondrous creature.


The Sibling is a rare creature. There is only one Sibling in the world, in fact; which is why The Sibling is superlatively precious. Precious like my liver is, only that I don’t get to see my liver ever. I get to see The Sibling every once in a while, which is too far apart, and not very much more sociable than my liver. However, it makes The Sibling infinitely more popular, statistically.

The Sibling has a very distinctive and weighty opinion. On everything. One that is at all times to be considered, no make that: embraced, with deep and sincere gratitude. In fact, no one’s opinion ever counts like the Sibling’s opinion does.

The Sibling is entitled to every infraction in the book, because it is a well known fact that whatever the Sibling does, was, is and will always be for the best of mykind.

The Sibling is an authority on everything in The Known Universe, and I insist that I will have NO argument on that. Even from The Sibling.

The Sibling is a creature of exceptional grace and beauty, and has been known to attract innumerable compliments, men and disbelieving horrified stares when it has been known that The Sibling is a blood relative of mine - a sibling, no less.

The Sibling has been known for the following Great Acts of Courage and Altruism:
- Giving away her favourite clothes, make-up, books to me, without my asking [wistful/ admiring look does NOT count as asking].
- Doing my homework for me.
- Standing up for me, ALWAYS, against teachers, friends, parents and the World at large.
- Staging elaborate dance-and-song-shows on the neighbouring mattress, each time I’ve been ill.
- Swearing to support me unto my last breath.
- Entirely sponsoring [tickets and all] my
first ever trip abroad.
- Regularly assisting me in
pulling my head out of my arse, which is a tricky, anatomically challenging business.

The Sibling has been known for the following Not-So-Great Acts of things-other-than Courage & Altruism:
- Cutting my Barbie’s hair by trickery.
- Disowning me when I sang publicly at a school audition.
- Slapping me, severally, before peer-group audiences [but she did warn me, each time, I’ll have to admit, and no doubt it has contributed to my sterling character].
- Ridiculing me publicly over my drooling pink-affliction.

However, All Things considered, The Sibling is a dazzling, awe-inspiring, lifelong-allegiance worthy Princess.

The Sibling celebrates her birthday, every 12th day of July, which makes her a Crab, by Linda Goodman’s good oracular opinion.

So it is mandatory to join me, at this point, in saying “Happy Birthday Darling Beloved Sibling.”

This is where I SING [disregard the uncomplimentary detail about a certain school audition, and imagine a hauntingly beautiful voice trembling across continents, bearing good wishes and siblingly love.]

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday
Dear Darling Sibling

Oh, and, The Sibling is second to none. She reposes on a pedestal with The Mother & The Father, snugly nestled between R & L-B-o-H.


The Sibling & I, aged 7 & 5.


Lizza said...

What a gracious yet witty tribute to The One and Only. Happy birthday, Sister of H! May you be blessed a googolplex times over. And that photo of the two of you is adorable.

I wish we could read/hear what The Sibling has to say about you, dear H.

Darn it, this post just made me miss MY sibling.

H said...

Lizzzaaa! Sistah of the Soul, so lovely that you should be the first to wish The Sibling!

Awww. I know how terrifically much one can miss a sibling. And the thing is, it always creeps up suddenly and intensely. Wish I could be with The Sibling right now. No doubt she'd have taken me out. ;-)

Thank you, hugely on behalf of The Sibling.

But about that little point there, no, I don't think you'd want to hear what the sibling has to say about me. It is best to let ou believe that I too am as precious to her as her liver.

Prude said...

Thats it!!! I'm kidnapping The Sibling!!!

And a very very happy birthday to her!

The snap...I've always wanted one of those up on my wall!! Alas no siblings!;) But well what can I say...its a perfect Kodak Moment!

houseband00 said...

Ahh, "...liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti!"

Sorry, couldn't resist quoting the good Doctor. =)

A Happy Birthday to yer sib, H!

B Ditty said...

Happy birthday to H's sibling! You're both cute as buttons :)

go(ld)phish said...

migawd. have you even SEEN this fotograf? it's like you guys never grew up! And H, will you do a similar post for my sibling too? I'll fill you in on the past 18..oh sorry...19 (or is it 20?) yrs of her life. You see she's finishing her school...oh (third year, i think), and then we could take it from there. Her birthday is coming, no, it's just it?...oh rats, it'll come again, won't it?

H said...

Prude: I could never understand not having a sibling, because then my head would always be up a certain dark, dank place. But, on a brighter note, send me your photo and I shall manipulate this one, so you can be seen looking up adoringly at The Sibling, if you’d like, or looking down indulgently at H [if you’d prefer]. Photoshop is a very fine invention.
But YES! Isn’t this such a perfect moment? It’s my favourite photo. The Sibling is all swelling with importance. Tisn’t often that requests for her sibling-ery come flying in from ejoocated places like J-schools in UK.

HBeeeee, such a warm, happy gruesome birthday wish! Lovely! You’re not very popular with my liver, but The Sibling, I assure you, approves. She says thankeee Bro-O-H.

Ben, The Sibling says thankeeeyooo. She’ll gladly allow in fact even admit that I-H am cute button, but as you can see, She, is a very finely human-like pretty child.

Gold(p)hish, now now, going by Siblings of the World and such, take it from one-who-has-the-finest, that you’re quite The Gas as an elder Sibling. I’d gladly vote you Rocking Sibling of the Year, if mine wasn’t reading this Blog. But yes, isn’t the photograph just IT!!! It’s my favourite. Kind of sums it all up for me, about the Sib & I.

pRicky said...

huppy budday to your sibling...
your sibling is like wow!!!
my sibling, would never have such pleasure ever since she has mykind to be growing around...
so I dont hav any moments of the sibling looking up at(to) me...
but kudos!!!

pRicky said...

bitchy rant would be birant
*most knowledge stricken look on the face*

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Boy that is right on the money! Great post!

H said...

Pricky, thankeeeyoooo! Isn't she WOW?! But listen, I could suggest the same photoshop alternative, that's if you're okay with eitehr being in a frilly frock, or a floral print bolero.

But that is a fantastic word. thank you for vocabulary booster.

Bud: welcome here! Thank you so much. I'm sure you've made the sibling a little bit happier. :-)

NanNan said...

I love this picture--- the eyes say it all-- the bond is obvious, without any words!!

H said...

darling Nan, I love the way you just get right to the heart of it. This is exactly why I love this pic too.