Monday, July 23, 2007

Another reason why you should read my blog


Spoiler ahead

[Since this is the season of spoilers, Potterkind and all, I’m having my own, with its own spanking disclaimer on why I must tell you about why I must pimp my blog here - disregarding your unspoken need to find these things out about me at your own sweet leisure. As you can tell, I hate people forming their own opinions about me. Especially at 'their own sweet leisure'.]

Now that I’ve explained things that needed explaining… here goes.

I never thought I’d say this. But I’m proud to be a schmoozer.

Ok. No. let’s do this again.

I’m proud to be a SCHMOOZER.

Oh nevermind.

Just read what Lovely Lizza has to say here, and you’ll know I’m not that sort of schmoozer. There, I said it. SCHMOOZER.

La la la la la.

I sing.

I cook.

I schmooze.

I suck. At the first two.

And because I’m generous, I will spare you dollies the agony of my list. [Which might perhaps include all you lovelies].

So, you bettah watch your manners now, ‘cause I’m pretty quick with this flipping thing.

Schmoozy kisses to y’all, then.


houseband00 said...

And a beautiful schmooze-moppet you are, H! =)

H said...

Awww. HB, Bro, thassosweeeeeet. I'm brimfulla beaming. Awww. you too. :-D

fella schmooza wooza said...

Sistah schmoozah!!!


sorry, I'm trying desperately to be hip and I don't understand why since I bagged the same award as you and that male schmoozah above.

But I shan't linger like a really bad fart, I've got sh*tloadsa washing to do.

Just dropped by to schmoooooze... been out there with the fairies the past coupla weeks ;-x

Lizza said...

I don't believe for a minute that you suck at singing and cooking. Hah!

Schmoozy hugs to you!

H said...

fellie schmoozah, I think it's basically cause Liz really loves us [I'll have it NO other way, I tellya]. Yes! I hear you've been having a wild time. Said hello to your liver. Twas saying something... couldn't tell with all the slurring. But hope you'll be back with some delish [to quote HB] posts.

Liz, oh oh oh, you'd better be believing me about the singing. the rest we can be blamed on the difference between our cuisines. Schmoozy hugs back!

B Ditty said...

I would buy enough of your records to make it go platinum H :)

H said...

Ben, don't be in a rush to promise that, cause even my mum, in whose eyes i can never not excel at anything, in whose eyes I am [along with the Sibling] the shining north star for all of humankind, a precious incarnation of all good things; even she doesn't like to hear me sing.

I'm that bad.

But you get to be star of three special prayers for even saying this. Thankeeeyooo.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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