Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A thought [many (yet again)] that I’m not...

...going to be consumed by this feeling of being consumed. For so many things that are intangible and unachievable [there’s a better word for it, and I can’t be bothered right now].

...going to waste away precious moments minutes hours days weeks months and eventually years of my life fawning over things, thoughts, achievements that do not belong to me.

...going to be infatuated with anything even remotely popular, again.

...going to get taken in by cleverly personalised speeches of gratitude that are mass-ether-mailed across the globe.

...going to feel so easily undermined by the order of the universe.

...going to be so peevish and pettily pissy about things that I cannot help.



Julia Scissor said...

Well, this is usually the time of the year when people ditch their new year's resolutions.
Good to see you go the other way round :-D

houseband00 said...

...And we trip the light microbicidal!

Cheers, H! =)

n.g. said...

and its all because you DONT. DRINK. WHISKY.

Anonymous said...

I think you should focus your efforts on what you need to do to overcome your present situation.

Be a bird and shit on all that you fly past.


PS: The above material has been rated 'S' for Scatalogic Advisory Content.


nunu's mum said...

Oh H...I can't help but feel undermined by the order of the universe. I think it was made to make 'US' feel that way.

Guess, it takes one hell of 'ball-busting, no non-sense, hard-ass' entity to do/accomplish all of the above.

And I've no doubt the said entity is you dear H.

NanNan said...

I can't think of anything witty--feel like a gnat in the shadow of giants , the comments above mine-- Can't even imagine that one nanosecond of your life is a waste-- except for the peevish pettily pissy part---that would be the estrogen part of our chemistry!! Much love to you --- huge hug!!

B Ditty said...

I feel ya..figuratively

H said...

Julia: what can I say? I try. ;-) But I appreciate the thumbs up.

HB: do we? Cheers anyhooo. :-)

NG: Who said I don’t? who who who haaaaan? Who said so? Saamne toh lao. I drink more potent brews like bloody and Bhen****-52 cocktail. G mein D hai toh pee ke dikhao, yeh whiskey-shiskey kya hai? Aur, pehle toh get your *self* to TC tonight. Then we’ll see. Hahahahahahaaaaaa.

AC: I’ve been doing that too long now. Bowels are overworked, underloaded. Even A***es need time-out. But. Thank you for advisory board rating. What would I do without you? ;-)

NM: Awww. Girl. First off, I’ve been meaning to write you for about two whole weeks now. Good old-fashioned ether-mail. And because it’s one of those things that requires all of my brain… I’ve been holding it off to a more suitable time… which I now realise might never come, given how things generally are in the-order-of-the-universe. But essentially the mail was to attribute all of the above mentioned qualities to you. Boy! Aren’t we so mutually admiring! Yay.

NanNan! Where are Yooooooooo? Missed you. Oh dear. One nanosecond probably describes the amount of time I spend doing respectably constructive things. Speaking of gnats… that’s just about the size of my attention span. Big huge hug to you too… Have been wondering.

Ben: Mmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. :-D

Anonymous said...

Time never stops for anyone. Neither do 'A***es'.

Without me and my advisory rating, you would be drinking erm... 'Bhen****-52'.

PS: Seriously, is there a brew like that?

H said...

AC: my A*** happens to be attached. at the hip even. But seriously, doooooood, this is Delhi we're talking about. OF COURSE there is! really, you must visit now. fun flips, Bloody-Bhen****-52 tadka laga ke etc. we're seriously the flavour of India, which is seriously the flavour of the world, which is seriously in stiff competition with China and all. Like *seriously*.