Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year girls and boys, I love you [raise that bloody HIGH]

So. Something somewhere needs to give.

I suppose it’s the first sign of some sort of stability – a settling boredom with things as they are.

For starters [I hate this phrase], I’ve started drinking again [four bloodies for a hip-shaking bottom-slimming pretending-to-pole-dance-in-absence-of-the-pole back-busting new years eve]. Which really hasn’t changed much in my life, except that I’m back to being a bigger arse under the influence than when not-under-the-influence.

Not true really. But true enough.

It struck me the other day [another shining pull-outta-me-arse-and-plug-on-the-page impoverished-writer’s-phrase], as I fell into Roddy’s latest offering that this is one man I would like right here, right now. Not for one of those lasting emotion-over-body, mind-absorbing [relationship] things. Just to beget me a little girl or boy. My little angel who will write as well as daddy, and think like mama. Think of mama. Perhaps even write about mama and what she could’ve done with her potential-packed, ever-so-often-going-off-track life. Like Eminem.

So much for shitty, groupie style, low down bottom feeding atavism.

Sometimes I surprise myself. I really can think like that. Without shame.

So here’s to giving joy, peace and acceptance a chance. To stories and adventures beyond flesh, blood & here and now.

To the completion of the Last Roundup series.

To better punctuation.
To finer verbiage.
To minimalism.

To us.


Lizza said...

I really, really, really pray that you never lose that lovably acerbic attitude that's uniquely yours.

And that you never stop being such a wonderful arse who writes so bloody well.

We really need to get together for a drink or four.

houseband00 said...

Pour on the power juice, sistah!!! =)

The One and Possibly Only said...


H said...

Lizza: ooops. I really did sound like a snarking farkin' acid spewer... hmmm. trust you to be so wonderfully warm about it. HAHAHAHAHA. :-) Sistah, that drink is looooong overdue. Listen, ever thought about visiting India? seriously.

HB: you too, bro, you've gotto bring yourself [ahem, that was politely put]here. seriously.

RoBBBBert! your eloquence is hard to parallel.

nunu's mum said...

To US!

And people like US!

I have thought of going to India!!! A lot!!!

Do I get an invite as well? ;~}

Lizza said...

Seriously? I've been in awe of Indian history and culture for so long, but hadn't seriously thought of visiting.

Until H came along.

Seriously. And I mean seriously.

(I'll let you know when I've earned and saved enough for my world travel goal. I'm working on it.)

Non-Sensei said...

yes. to fire-water consumers.
may our tribe increase.
just the one (possibly stupid) question - who is Roddy?

B Ditty said...

woah I was so impressed that I knew what verbiage meant, then I realized how dumb I was when I didn't understand minimalism

H said...

M [Nm]: Good heavens! like need I even say it!?? YOU are part of the fantastic filipino family girl! the Barnsley bunch is invited too...You and BB and Nunu and Ivan [did I miss anyone?]. I'm serious. I'd really really like for you guys to come here.

Ben, this goes for you toooooo.

Lizza: Like super sexy serious [however serious that is... it's superlatively serious in my book]. Why do you need the money? just get a ticket. that's all. [the beer's all on me].

Non Sensei: raise it high... for that. I love that phrase - MAY OUR TRIBE INCREASE. ditto ditto ditto. And to answer your question.

Roddy Doyle.

Roddy Hot Doyle. Roddy Poochkins Doyle. Roddy Sweetum Doyle. Roddy Darling Doyle.

The hotest Irishman ever. Mr. Man of the Universe. writer of the most seductive prose. need i say more?

Benstaaah: secret.. neither do I. ;-)

NanNan said...

Happy New Year offa the track dawtah-- we are speaking of the metaphysical new year's child,,right???? But I've always got room in my heart for another grandkin----keep them coming!!! Cheers!!

pRicky said...

sure as always to us all...

H said...

Awww Nan, when you put it like that… it somehow sounds a lot more respectable. But I was actually speaking of a flesh and blood colic little extension of me… This Roddy chap is something else. I finished Paula Spencer, And boy, am I more in awe of him than ever before! It’s unfair. It’s gorgeous. It’s fascinating. It’s tear-inspiring. How he knows… How does he know? Voodoo, I think.

Pricky: abso-blumin-lutely. :-)

Nishant said...

happy new year.

H said...

Same to you dahling.

can't wait for the original bevda to get his a*** to Dilli though.

go(ld)phish said...

every pole dancin' move of yours made it a better new year's eve:)
and definitly, to professionalism (for me, of course)

H said...

Awwww. Phish. first you take a HUG okay? then you sit and have an Earl Grey chai with me. And wear that hot goa dress [the other half of the party starter] to tea.

Professionalism-vofessionalism gayi bhens charane. Let us be pigs this year. indulge indulge indulge. [ourselves]. And dance. And then maybe work, okay?