Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bergamot & Brain Pâté

Update: Thank you all for your lovely wishes. Much at variance with my regular pissy demeanour, I am rather excited and beaming as I type this. My sweet, generous and hugely talented friend Ben has just given me the loveliest, most charming blog birthday gift! Thank you so so so much dear boy. This figures up there with the BEST gifts I've ever recieved in my whole life! [I think I might just adopt you instead of Eminem.]

Today at Shout.

Do join us. We’re celebrating one year since we came together to rant. In sickness and in health, through good times and bad times.

R-B-o-H and L-B-o-H request the pleasure of your company on this happy occasion. We’d like to thank you personally for providing us with some of the most delicious repasts at your blogs. They’ve kept us sated and active with less time to tear each other apart. We might even have grown to love each other, thanks to your encouraging presence [but we shan’t be making any hasty statements about this, yet].

We’d love to regale you with a charming speech, but for once, neither of us has anything to say, which is a good thing, because at least we aren’t disagreeing.

So for each one of you, here’s a hug, a cup of Earl Grey [spiked with whatever you like] and a gift.

Prat a purple rose
NG a crystal marble
Winding Faitha silver paint brush
Lizzaa pinch of magic moon dust
HBa lime green speedo thangy-thong [check with Barnsley Girl] & a book for D
Barnsley Girla pair of wings
Migsa silver tipped ink pen & a pot of dreamy blue black ink
Prickya toy Bentley
Benshiny red pants for Hafrank, and a diary
ACa very public blog
Nan a ride across the horizon
Prom bwoy a large black cloak
Julia an enchanted telescope
First City gold pins to go around
LJLC a bag of Columbian coffee
Robert a Harley Davidson [toy]
Kathryn magic boots
Prude a sequin studded frock
Non-sensei a chocolate Easter egg
Zap a universal hitch-hiking license

And for two of my most loved silent readers who don’t blog [you know who you are – of course you do, duh! What I’m saying is you know I know you know I know it’s you]

A flying carpet so you can travel anywhere anytime, and follow your dreams and your heart.
A wishing ring, so you can be home, whenever you [or I – as is always the case] wish.

Oh and, darlings, brain pâté to be served fresh, of course, as the guests start trickling in.



Lizza said...

Happy blogaversary! or whatever it's called.

Magic moon dust, that is so...evocative of something. Something quite not within my reach, but which I feel and experience just the same.

Cheers to R-B-o-H and L-B-o-H. Raising a vodka-spiked cup of Earl Grey to the both of you.

The winged Pinay said...

Happy Bloganniversaire my dahlings H/RBoH/LBoH!!!!

Thank you for your virtual presence in my life! ;D

Seriously, can you come to Islands Philippines in December? Wooooowww, that'd be wonderful!!!

I've put the wings on my back, I'm off to climb the roof and practise flapping now ...;)

Many mant thanks for the loveliest gift...शुक्रिया

houseband00 said...

शुक्रिया, too!!!

Whatever that means! =)

A happy birthday to Shout! and what a big girl she is!

H said...

Three of my four favourite Pinays! [Migs is on his way here]
What a delightful way to start the party!

very grinning beaming happy.

Lizza: You've actually got the most magical, potent gift of all, sis. Only the most powerful creatures have access to it. You're supposed to measure out portions by your eye lashes. one lashful-by-a-blink for a reasonably strong spell.

Barnsley giiiiirrrrl! hurry over to Delhi, once you're suitably practiced and on your way to Manila. Can't wait to see you flap [there has to be a more elegant word for this] down on my terrace.

HB, hahahaha, I think you just said "thank you for that sexy lime green one piece". And my turn to say shukriya for the lovely blog-birthday greeting.

Prude said...

And here's a humungous howler for you...."a very very happy blog birthday!!!!"
Thank you...I've always wanted one! :)
I'll wear it at every year's party!!;) Which means am hoping you'll throw one every yr for many to come...you see I love brain pate' too!!

n.g. said...

crystal marble? er, thanks. i would also like a bottle of whisky and a blowjob administered by a hot japanese girl.

B Ditty said...

one year of arsey awesomeness! Hope you post for 50 more :)

H said...

Prude: thank you little girl! I love it when my guests like their gifts. yay! look forward to seeing you in it.

NG: By the look of it, you've already had one too many whiskies.

Bennnnnnnn! thankeeeeeeeeeeeyooooo. And I wish for you the same my dear dear friend.

First City said...

H B'day, H!
What would FC recreation time be like without your specially crafted brain pate? And what would FC be like if you'd taken us up on the precious offer, huh?!
Here's to wondering; keep 'em coming!

H said...

Aw thank you FC! You guys make us blush [gelatinous brown going a pulpy red-pink is NOT a pretty sight, we assure you] but, yes, we wonder too... sometimes with much wistful wonderingness.

But. I hope all of you liked your gold pins - I forgot to mention that each one's crafted differently - a goldfish for goldphish, a cloud for floatin', harem pants for punky pj, a slice of cheese for might mouse, a mick jagger head for no moss, a pissy looking bumble bee for mumble me [they did an impression of me for that one]... and if Evil Jack comes-a-lurking [hopefully], there's a bottle of JD for her.

Witness Street said...

Happy anniversary! If I had known earlier...oh, if I had known earlier, I would ask a token exchange with LJLC.

In between this anniversary and the next, I wish myself a continuously happy reading. Don't lose your charm, darling H.

And you know what I mean - why "shouldn't" when you can say "shan't"? An utterly endearing quirk I wish I learned to acquire.


H said...

What a shame!

However, it’s easily remedied.

Here’s a large bag of Columbian coffee for you, Migs. And the silver tipped pen you must have too. I insist.

Thank you for this most blushsome compliment! To read this from you, we’re so spinning and topsy-turvied that we’ve spilt a lot of clumsy punctuation around the place………………… thank you most sincerely dear Migs. :-D

pRicky said...


H said...

thanks Pricky. :-)

The One and Possibly Only said...

Thanks for the bike, yo.

Julia Scissor said...

Shucks, I missed your Blogversary.

An enchanted telescope? Thx! Now I can discard good ole Hipparcos and Hubble. ;-)

H said...

Bob, you're welcome!

Juliaaaaaaah! it's been a long time girl! no problem, here, have a cuppa and you're welcome. Ya, who needs Hubble!