Friday, April 20, 2007

Much Mojo Rising

One moon ago, around the time that I was scorching walls, bashing demons, contemplating yet another post, minding my own business, conducting my daily drudgeries rather routinely; something curious happened.

Someone stole my words.

Suddenly and casually and simply. As simply, casually and suddenly as walking to a coffee shop, past a white zen. Like how [yawn] boringly [yawn] routine [yawn] is that?

One moment they [words] were dashing around my head, ebullient, frolicsome, gurgling and straining to be tippity tappity typed in on my keyboard, and the next, not quite as predictably as this cliché, they were gone.

I tried.

I strained.

I went blue in the face with all the pushing and squeezing and knuckle clenching and eventual gasping. But. I was truly and horrifically wordless.

Apart, of course, from those few words and phrases that are so deeply ingrained in the subdermal regions of one’s psyche, that like trusted friends they never leave your side, even in your darkest hour. I could, still say things like “I’m hungry”, “You’re beginning to piss me off”, “arsehole”, “fark off” etc. Even "she sells sea shells on the sea shore". 21 times in a row, without a pause and no stray sheas and sores.




I couldn’t spill a single word on Word [my clever punnery (true, it isn’t yet a legit word in the English Dictionary) is yet intact, as you will appreciate].

But [again].

I am back, to tell you that Laaaaavely Lizza clandestinely nominated one of my posts for the rising blogger. And Judd, an astute [you will agree once you see the SHOUT masthead on his site] blog critic with an aversion to insulting clichés [now how odd is that?!] from New York, decided to bestow us at Shout with The Rising Blogger Award.

La la la la la.
So I will leave you with this, no doubt brimful with admiration for your darling monster on blog, to brighten your day with yet another affirmation from the ether world that you do indeed have good taste.


Anonymous said...

Finally. You updated. And I get this?

I didn't really have anything much to say to this. (Rising blogger and all is only normal for a taalentched purrrson like you, so no special badhaais for that.)

I beat your record.
I recited "she sells sea shells on the sea shore" 22 times without pausing, stuttering, mispronouncing etc etc.


Lizza said...

The vocabulary vampire got to you, I see. :-(

I hope you banished the bastard for good. We missed you so much.

P.S. Remind me not to include you in any clandestine operations I plan. (Kidding)

B Ditty said...

yay H is back! ...I used to have trouble saying "sun shine city" really fast

H said...

AC: sorry to disappoint you re. And you're a rockstar. 22 in a row is impressive. impressive with a bowtie.

Lizza: nooooo! I must must must be part of anything clandestine. throw in a trenchcoat too, will you? 'twasn't the vocab monster, 'twas the Golden Pig. more on this later.

Ben: and how old were you then? but let that not come in the way of you being impressed that I can say sun shine city quite easily. [helps that I am a s l o o o w d r a a a w l i n g talker.]

B Ditty said...

Well I still can't stay it without getting slapped

pRicky said...

And I went to scotland!!!
and you need to read the desi... and check out the dino and the awfully sexy babes I have put on there...
and kungRATuLashions... Which post was nominated??

H said...

Ben: :-))) obviously 'tisn't worth it then. not if you're going to need a slap or two.

Pricky: thankeeeeeyooo. And how was Scotland? Will go to Desi pronto! You'll know which post was nominated it you follow the 'links'. ;-)

houseband00 said...

Mighty proud of you, H.

The monster's done you good this time. =)

H said...

Why thankeeeyoooo HBeeee.

Though the monster's always good. grossly good. 'gustingly, grossly, gloying good.


NanNan said...

Applause,,, Cheers---
Finally, the world ,, well, a part thereof, is finally recognizing what I have always known!!! Hugs---but mostly,, thank God you're back!! We h groupies need our regular fix,, or should I say , irregular ??

H said...

Nan: thankeeyooo! :-)) well might I say the same to you dearest blog ma. we need to see you on blog more often. truly.

Prude said...

Congrats!! :)

You write words jus freefall for you! Its tough to believe you were at a loss at any point...

But yeah that happens...and those are the days that suck!!

H said...

Thank you Prude! you're very kind with your words. :-) but yes, wordless days are strange. and wordless.

Liked you Angela story.