Thursday, September 07, 2006

El Bizarro: News at Nine

India is the largest English-speaking country in the world.

More than twice as many Malaysians speak English as a first language, than Indians.

Nobody speaks English in China. [fact recently, and most painfully verified]

40 people speak English in Tokelau [and no doubt they know one another from the class of ’76]

The coastlines of Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand have recently been hit by a severe and mysterious depletion of underwater fauna.

Tune into hikipedia for more bizarre facts later this week.


B diddy said...

woah India has that many english speaking people? The U.S. still has more spanish speaking people at least, so we excell there lol

H said...

Does "el Bizarro" qualify for fluency in Spanish?

Gracias tho, foro youro commento.
[Waitaminute, that's Italian]

And before I go, I shall say famously, and lastly

There's a place called Fakaofo in Tokelau where they receive visitors with "Welcome & Fakaofo", which pretty much means that you don't get to step past immigration.

[and now my blog will officially be blocked for racist content... but then again, they might let it off for extreme impoverishment in the sense department]

Lizza said...

Gawd, I hope nothing of the sort happens to your blog. I'm so happy to find it that I'm practically in tears.

India has a lot of snakes too, right? And bicycles?

H said...

grin. Hey Lizza.

snakes. Ummm. yesssssssssssss. [that was an affirmation from my neck-piece]

ah. but. Yes. like any other tropical country. though not many in cities. to much deforestation.

and bicycles. yes. LOTS. I love bicycles. yay!

AND Cows.

Anonymous said...

S- from Shenzhen,

twas like, expresso in the morning, english breakfast after a hangover, cucumber slice over puffed eyes,bloddy mary after tequila, probably life after for a born again whatsoever.. .

having you with here......

for days after it feels like
eggs without salt, vindaloo without pepper, england without the queen, and America without idiosyncracies.

saying bye outside the Excelsiorm was like wind without air, life without oxygen, and a brother without his sister.

lotsa luv, S&N

H said...

Awwww sweetie!

have got a serious case of withdrawl too.

love you guys. I feel like dumpling without prawn filling. [whatever].