Saturday, September 09, 2006

Reflection: on why I love the bomb

Because of every bastard troll
on blog, who likes to say lol

Three things I visualise every time someone says lol:

1.) a head that ‘lols’ back involuntarily
2.) saliva that drips uncontrollably from that lolling bastard head
3.) eyeballs that ‘lol’ round&round&round in over-sized sockets in that same bastard head.

I can’t go beyond this… I’m already puking.

[whatever happened to saying plain old ‘ha ha FUCKING HA’?]

footnote: Lol is the most bastard arse-riding acronym ever ever ever formulated. And here’s my contribution to the extinction of those-who-help-it-breed. Die bitches. Even a bomb’s sweet release for pain inflicted through lol.


Lizza said...


Sorry, couldn't help myself. :-D The bitch head speaks.

NanNan said...

Ok,ok, so I've used it --once, just once, may I be absolved- penance???Truth is, I rarely laugh out loud-- I am an innie--- actually, I don't laugh much inside my head either, except when I read your posts----glad you're back----

Nocturne said...

man, you're scaring me!

Anonymous said...



H said...


Lizza: damn girl! you betta watch out for that head. grin.

NanNannnnn!: Ok. so YOU are always forgiven. Good to be back too... errr well maybe.

Nocturne: Ummm Hmmmm hmmmm. I wonder why...

S: Bwoy, watch it now. now. now... [damn this nervous twitch]

B diddy said...

I'm guilty of using it quite a bit, not much on Blogger though. Of course my head lols back and forth, I drip saliva uncontrollably, and my eyeballs roll in my sockets, so I guess it's ok ;)