Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frank and Foilin’

After breakfast, we created a monster from the debris.


Meet Frankenfoil, the soft board monster.

Foiler of wily world domination coups and queer sentence construction, it bears the general demeanour of disarming openness and social ease.

It can, however, be convincingly menacing under client pressure.

It likes the occasional lick of inspiration. Especially with a glop of elaichi chai soaked glucose biscuit. And it wears an all-pin crown.

It might still have traces of cheesy boiled egg sandwich sticking to the walls of its head, making it capable of profoundly good breakfast ideas.

Beware trespassers. There’s a Frankenfoil on the soft board.


Ben Ditty said...

I literally cannot explain how much I love this. On one level it's so fresh, original and Shout. On another I used to make things out of foil all the time. And on a third level, it's just plain adorable!

H said...

Aw thanks Ben. Frankenfoil's very honoured and thinks it’ll be pretty cool to come hang at your softboard. :-)

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Ben Ditty said...

I would be eternally grateful if Frankenfoil hung out at my softboard :)

Prude said...

This is smashing! Frankenfoil? But why monster??? It's the coolest thing ever...used it all the time for all my crafts during school and mom wrapped lunch in it everyday and you can use bits of it and paste em up on ur wall for a starry nights appeal. I love Frankenfoil the good monster! :D

Nice one H!

The Darkling Thrush said...

I'm still on that finnell man's comment.


(bites back all kinds of god-follower blasphemy jokes)

I love Frankenfoil! Ergo, I'm a Frankenphile. *ahem*

I love your blog. You're loads and kilos of awesome.

Zap said...

Still as sassy and brilliant as ever, this blog! That must've been some breakfast to have produced FF.coil

H said...

Darkling Thrush, thanks for the looove, dahling. Loved all your comments and Franken loves ya back too. :-)
Sent your beatles post around to a bunch of my friends a while ago - many strong responses ;-)

Zap, it's been a loong long time, since we've seen you around.
Yes a good breakfast and a good dose of now-what?

Prude said...

Why have you abandoned this space...I miss your thoughts!