Monday, March 07, 2011

For my best friend

Darling bestie, kick some ass, soak some sun and don’t forget to paint your toes. Love you.

To X, Postbox: Asshole
Stick your notes
And text messages
And sundry sweet nothings
– Because that’s exactly what they are –
In that precious little sunless place
Where you store the rest of your shit. 

Relationship hangover party trick
Electric toes
And a busy nose
Can a heartache cure.

Dump it
Take a moment
Catch your breath
You won’t even notice, I swear.
One tiny push
A plinking plonk
Flush it, don’t stand and stare.

Hello, yellow moon
Waning, waning
Forever fading
I’m so sad to watch you shrink
Pluck up the nerve
Convex your curve
Time to be whole again.

Yes Moon, my best friend’s watching you. Time to start waxin’ yo!


Anonymous said...

love love love

Ben Ditty said...

Really liked the lines:

Pluck up the nerve
Convex your curve :)

H said...

BF: Hug. Love you.

Ben: they're my fav too.

The Wandering Minstrel said...

this one needs its own music! make it a song :)

h said...

Since you're the minstrel, how'bout it, hanh?

Prude said...

Plinking plonk? ha ha never thought of pooing to be such a musical feat!

H said...

Prude dear! I'm discovering there's music in everything. :-)