Thursday, January 21, 2010


I’m fairly angsty in private. And, I'm fairly serious about making lists. So if it’s in a diary, I really must’ve meant it.

Discovered in my travel plus lists diary, from a year and half ago.

A list. And an insight.


Somewhere deep down, beyond layers of lycra and Maybelline Glow, some place hidden, there are parts of me that wouldn’t trade anything for being from India. Parts that will never relinquish the sense of wellbeing that’s about being Indian. Parts that prefer being washed over being wiped.


Ben Ditty said...

I like making lists too :)

camerawali said...

Ditto to that H!
i like the Self on your list!

ramble said...

Was there any time when you forgot to take Self but all the other stuff where aboard?

crumbs said...

One's gotta love that last line :D

Prude said...

ha ha ha great one H! Don't think I agree short indian vacations are harder for the reverse reasons now...

The Darkling Thrush said...

Oh yeah, there's no word quite as satisfying as "chuddies". "Underwear" is too (sorry Prude) prudish. "Thongs" are too, err, image-provoking. Panties is for Remaa Lagoo (have you SEEN that ad!)

And. I heartily agree with crumbs. Behti Ganga main kaun toilet paper use karte hai?

The Darkling Thrush said...

On a completely different note:

Every time I read the little note on the Passport, declaring me a citizen of the Indian Republic, I feel that prickly goosebump sensation of patriotism, with my heart swelling, eyes stinging. Next best to the Anthem. What a feeling.