Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Chinese stroke Taiwanese Spammer

Thanks so much for your spammy comments. They’re very pretty.

I’m planning to print some to decorate my office soft board, and for once I think U’s going to rue the fact that he doesn’t have his own blog.

Now, I really don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful or anything, but this note is to let you know that I have enough. My collection looks quite complete and I’m pretty certain I have a sample of every symbol in the script. So, really, you can safely exclude me from your next party list. I promise I won’t think the worst of you.

Hope the loving and playing for world peace plans go well.

Thanks for everything, again!

Will keep you posted [haha] on how the decorating goes.

XOXO [that’s British for snogs and hugs]


Anonymous said...

Love Without Borders, in response to Taiwan's 88 flood, please go to my site ~ Thank you for blessing the whole world!


雲林立委候選人張艮輝於會場上表達一貫堅持的參選理念,「一份理想、2 個希望、 3大改變」,並藉盛會為台灣祈福,場上的台灣加油地圖由地方代表等數十人點燃230支蠟燭,代表為台灣加油並點亮台灣因受88水災所面臨的黑暗期,在點燃蠟燭的同時,張艮輝也宣讀為台灣祈福文表示願為台灣這塊土地承受所有苦難。


Ben Ditty said...

hahaha.. oh irony

Anonymous said...

I wish you health and happiness every day!
Ich wünsche Ihnen Glück und Gesundheit jeden Tag!
Je vous souhaite santé et bonheur chaque jour!


H said...

Yes. That's right. Take a shit on us.

Benny. I'm glad we're able to entertain.

ramblereed said...

Hats off to you, H.
I had to shut my blog thanks to "free moigold" and similar stuff. And, they always used to sa "good blog, keep up the good work" or "small guy, good work etc":-

H said...

Ramblereed, is that you, Lost? "small guy good work" hahahahaha.

Prude said...


Oh Gawd! Did you really just bless the whole world now H?

I wonder all the chinsese/taiwanese might translate into?

H said...

No Prude darling, I think I just offered to snog the entire world.

ummm. shit.

Ben Ditty said...

luuucky world! :)

NanNan said...

You have been a blessing to MY world!!!