Friday, May 15, 2009

I know

It’s like fighting nausea. Constantly.

Such consummate know-it-allness.

Someone very wise said of someone who believes himself very wise “he has the amazing mental condition of thinking he's always right”.

I’m curious: how do far-out mainstream management environments cope with such an overwhelmingly acute concentration of collective I-know-best-to-the-power-of-infinity-plus-one-up-on-you Alpha-ness? Why don’t they implode from the ferocious sentience of it?

There has to be a neat chemical equation for this.

I just know there is.


Prude said...

I guess it's the balance...they all keep each other in check. You only survive if you consider each other equals...I think somewhere behind all the arrogance is a mutual acceptance of 'we're all equals'. Of course if the balance is disturbed I think there is always trouble...

Ben Ditty said...

some people were just born with an extra sack for vanity lodged into their brain... right where you would find empathy in a normal human mind.

lost said...

Hmm..that is why the management world and their fat perks are hit below the belt by recession. But the cake is that they know "all and everything" about recession

Hafrank said...

When a gnome gets too haughty we throw 'em in to traffic.

pRicky said...

yeah but since the theory of reletivity no one actually wants to study the theory of knowingness... if only knowit all won the nobel!!!

H said...

Prude, well said. What I don't understand is how the balance is kept.

Ben. wah. Spot on! Now for an MRI each on a pair of 'you-know-who's we know. for proof ;-)

Lost. hahahahaha!

Oh Hafrank!

Pricky, you never know.

Rajiv said...

"I Know" :)

Prude, I am sure you have heard of "Suckers pay-off" in Nash's 'equilibrium'