Monday, November 03, 2008

Butt you MUST

Today a two year old child poked me in my bottom and I didn’t find it cute.


Today, I was standing at the OPD counter at a hospital, sounding all businesslike and haughty [my hairdo makes me think I can get things done faster], when I felt a half poke half pat on my bottom that made me whirl around in a temper only to see this startled little child at the bottom, still holding up its palm wondering what it had set in motion. It clearly had no idea this big bouncy blue bum belonged to someone. More specifically a pissy looking auntie who was mouthing very scary spank shaped words at him.

I cannot blame the child.

I need to effing exercise.

And now, since I’ve got your attention, in support across the seven seas, you must, MUST vote for Obama.


Witness Street said...

You can't be any more politically correct on this one, H dear.

But I have seen pictures. You'd sent some of them. The triple B adjectives? I think not.

Ben Ditty said...

I'm sure it had nothing to do with your weight H'y. Kids are just like that sometimes.

Glad to have the Obama message though :)

Lizza said...

Bouncy, I can believe. Big, umm, not really. But I agree, we all need to exercise - fat or not.

I've missed you.

H said...

Migs, was I politically correct? Quite sure I wasn’t. Damn. I’m getting polite. Of the triple B, the blue we can rest assured was not for an asphyxiated ass.

Aw Ben, you make me feel better. Yay! Woo Obama! It’s like a good omen for a million other things. Anything is possible, na?

Lizza! How lovely. I’ve missed you too, girl. But thank you. It makes me so happy that three darlings who haven’t ever met me can be so reassuring. Not big bum is beaming [complicated, I know.]

Prude said...

he won he won he WON!

la la la la la la

H said...

I knooooooooow! Innit fabulous Prude? Lalalalala too.

Anonymous said...

I really want to know... what big bouncy blue books you carefully copy passages down from for your blog. Because H how could you possibly write so well (virtually) off-the-cuff? It's got to be blagiarism.

H said...

Anon, and you’ve got to be who I think you are. Hahahahaha. And that would be big bouncy blue blogs, na?