Monday, July 14, 2008


And how.

Just heard from someone I’d crushed on, after 8 years. Someone whose 500cc Enfield coloured the sound of Enfields for me, forever after.

Just heard that 8 years ago he had fallen in love, over an incident I’d forgotten involving Band-Aid and “the pleasure of your healing touch”.

Just heard he got married this January.

Just heard he had to, because “I couldn’t find myself a girl, so my aunt did that and got me married”.

Just heard he sold his studly bike.

Just heard he wished he had taken me on a longer ride way back then, and was kicking himself that he hadn’t.

Just realised, that three and a half years ago, his interview in a magazine on the woman of his dreams, which I’d read with envy and wistfulness, was probably about...

Just wondered, yet again, how fate works.

Just realised, I’m grateful. Else I wouldn’t be here.


Such a much better place to be in, blogging about the non-incidence of it, na?


B Ditty said...

You'll find another biker boy I'm sure of it.

NanNan said...

Where would you be?

H said...

Ben, 'haps I don't need to ;-)

Nan, somewhere not-here?

Prude said...


Did I read a bit of condescension here? :-)

Glad ur here H.

H said...

Prude, 'condescension' did you say? Condescension as in "voluntary assumption of equality with a person regarded as inferior"?

Where are you reading this, my dear? Though, am utterly delighted to know I've, at the very least, emerged on the upside of being misunderstood. ;-)

Me too. Glad about being here, wherever it is.

Witness Street said...

Well, there you are. A lifetime of regret for the man; a grateful recollection of the past for you; a delightful piece for us readers, on the strange romantic nuances of non-incidence.

Sometimes we just don't know how much less happy we would be, if things did happen. But maybe I'm talking nonsense.

H said...

Migs! The irony! Somehow, as always, you have it spot on.

“Sometimes we just don't know how much less happy we would be, if things did happen.” And sometimes it comes, epiphanous and relieving, via the least expected quarters. *sigh*

Lizza said...

His loss.

Bugger to him.

Glad you're you and that you have other hues to color your life.

H said...

Aw. But he's a sweet boy. Though you're right, sweetness should live in anal crevices. [haw. i didn't really say that, did I? I's just agreeing]