Sunday, June 18, 2006

Recycled Barf Bags

What’s with TOI [actually all news manufacturing media] and Rakhi Sawant?

Are they now our more sleazed-up, glossified, anglicised replacement for the Bhajpaa-and-associates run moral policing mafia?

TOI was never the model newspaper, but now they've just gone ahead and won themselves the smutty-tabloid-of-the-year title. It would’ve been okay had they just stayed at their bordering-below-respectable position. But marketing decided that recycled barf bags are far more lucrative that plain old boring honest reportage.

They’ve broken every code in the book.

1.) First, they published the most skewed interview with RS, taken by some cocky bulge-in-his-pants adolescent who couldn’t get over his lower half to actually consider that the person he was interviewing had made a career choice to present her persona in a certain way, which does not necessarily mean that she’s going to allow any wandering p****** into her pants at any given time. These are the sort of people who think that a sex-worker should not complain if her clients brutalise her, simply because she’s a sex-worker and has therefore given up all rights to being a human being. [And the poor brain-deprived idiot actually tries to make a display of his fine-wit with some priceless wise-ass questions. Funny boy]

2.) Then they bring out glossy spreads on Sunday to drive the point home. [aah]

3.) And then, they print an obscene colour-image of the offender having a go at RS. Did you know spike-brain, that it is a moral offence to publish anything in a newspaper/ magazine etc. [any other mass-medium that you’ve considered defiling] that might cause discomfort/ offence to the defendant/ the survivor of sexual harassment? You could be sued for it Mr. [Messrs] Non-compos-mentis.

What are they trying to prove? That they’ve hired the most prejudiced, blinkered people out there to write for them? And worse still, that their editorial team lacks the clarity to weed out juvenile coloured sexist reportage?

Just because there’s a stupid-arse J-run money-laundering evil operation out there that’s willing to put any crap in print, it seems to be generally acceptable that stringing two words of English or Hindi together is sufficient qualification for anybody who fancies herself/ himself a ‘journalist’. Have they forgotten the meaning of 'Responsible Writing'?

If it's so beneath them to consider the points-of-view of people like RS, then why write about it even once, let alone publish their next few editions around the issue? If they think it's merely a publicity stunt, then why indulge the whim?

Fact: ‘Journalism’ is the most abused word in the dictionary.


Jack Hartley said...

In Australia these days it's very hard to find good quality, impartial journalism that isn't solely motivated by getting ratings and selling advertising space.
It's a sad state of affairs.

n.g. said...

RS used to be likeable once upon a time. The forthright, honest, matter of fact girl with big city dreams in her eyes.

Then she got skewered and everything went all wrong.

TOI, however, has always been skewered.

H said...

JH, I think that's the state of journalism pretty much everywhere in the world. we have consciences in pockets. particularly those that belong to us.

NG, you can see where she's coming from because you're in the business of making stars. you have a balanced perspective here. but what about some 40 million people out there who are getting coloured by the opinions of some juvenile jack-asses airing their limited views in print? that's what i was trying to say. That it doesn't matter if she chooses every second day to use her sexuality to get around [hypothetically speaking], but that so does not give anybody the right to question the fact that she did not want that sleaze-bag to paw her at that moment. the media is an institution, that was born in every part of the world to protect the rights of individuals in an equal way. eventually it's about a perspective. And I think the people who monitor the news we get should really try to cultivate a more tolerant and informed perspective.

n.g. said...

absolutely, that i agree with. if only the media became slightly more responsible, things'd be different. the only channel that comes slightly come close to that is CNN IBN.

H said...

Damn, I wish I could send them all to my acid-tongued, amazing, super-cool, cat-woman Ex-HOD for an education. She'd wallop their bottoms raw and send them home with a solid knock to their grey-mess.

Ben Ditty said...

If only people like this and Fox, weren't bigoted sexists on purpose and showed some restraint. But it's not just the media either. It's politics too. We see to be horribly degrading as a species.