Friday, June 23, 2006

Fill in the blanks at your own risk

I’ve just about had it with corked-arse activists, who behave like short-circuiting acid-sprinklers when they must be defined. And yet, yet they seek convoluted, complex-worded three-sentence qualifiers for the work they do.

They like being stereotyped. I have decided.

So there. Be stereotyped.

There will be self-proclaimed ‘intellectually superior gender-sensitised’ women, who think nothing of drooling sexist jokes made at the expense of ill-educated, patriarchal, mainstream men.

There will be no-leather, no-foreign-brand, no-deo, everything-that-moves-eating men and women of the earth who think it a moral undoing to disturb the earth that settles on them by either bathing, combing or brushing.

There will be committed-to-gender-equality men, who’ve had their fill of free-love and must return to the toiling wife and three children for a hot meal and a bed.

There will be men and women who have dismissed the notion of commitment, marital or otherwise in lengthy M Phil theses, who make a fine display of their loneliness, desperation and bitterness.

There will be secular atheists who taunt and laugh at people with faith.

AAAAAaaah. Try writing a word to describe an activist’s work without incurring some sort of disdain at your complete inability to GET THE POINT. Here I’m struggling with 200.

Okay. Venom spilt; off I go, back to toiling at suspended crap.


n.g. said...

and there will always be guys who offer seats to women in the metro, and open doors for them, and stand when they arrive at the table.

and there will always be women who will understand that the nice guy must be chosen over the drop dead good looking guy who WILL DEFINITELY break her heart and feed it to strays.

and there will be folks with clean hearts who will refuse bribes and log on to check their diminishing bank accounts and not be amused at the irony of it all.

and there will always be the works of tarkovsky, fellini, tarantino, kurosawa, bergman, kieslowski and cameron crowe.

and there will always be the music of pearl jam, radiohead, guns n roses, nitin sawhney, kishore da, pancham da, rehman, michael brook and nusrat saab.

AND there'll always be be royal stag and jack daniels.

ill drink to that.

B diddy said...

wow.. nice vocabulary :)

H said...

yep. And pour me a fresh lime to that, ole boy NG. Yes yes, I was being a peevish bitch when i wrote that. angsting over a synopsis I was writing on a film.

ha ha B Diddy, wait till I get a response to what I've written. Then I will go down in dictionary.

n.g. said...

i dont like synopses, they seldom do their job.

H said...

you're right. they're like shaadi-profiles. Ullu banane ka factory.

H said...

today i am deeply ashamed of anything and everything said about people who've, for what ever reasons, skewed or not, decided to give of themselves to things that go beyond their own physical and emotional needs.

truly head-hung ashamed.