Friday, November 20, 2009

Skinny Cats

[Since we're on a pissy poetry roll, dahlings.]


Skinny cats
Slip through cracks
Deftly, softly, swiftly.
Their thin veins
And underfed frames
Make them agile and shifty

'Skinny Cat', by Ben Ditmars


Ben Ditty said...

Skinny Cat's leaping into this glorious poem :)

ramblereed said...

Is the 'skinny cat' related to 'smelly cat'? :-

Prude said...

Someone needs to feed these creatures!

h said...

Ben, and what a shiny coat she has!

Ramblereed, depends entirely on which smelly cat you're speaking of.

Prude, sending her over to your blog. now.

Ben Ditty said...

Awwe Skinny Cat's going on tour :)

soo cute to think of Skinny Cat as girl too. Hadn't thought of a gender.

zap said...

Nice:) And hello there! Howza?

H said...

Zap. long time. hello!