Monday, May 26, 2008

When H hugs Hafrank, and juggles slinkies with Ben

It’s no secret how much I adore little Ben - THE Bennay J D – King of Gnome Blog who likes to roll with the Kid Rock. He’s the darlingest blogger I never met. In fact, if I had a flying carpet, I’d send it over for Ben to come avisiting, with limitless servings of fun flips and imli sherbet all the way from Ohio to Delhi.

I love him that much.

But ruefully, my carpet’s aloft somewhere having racy adventures of questionable consequence, and my wings are soaking in the rain.

Just as I was brooding over this and more, look what he did for us! He brought the whole gnome company over for a visit!

Come on, join us... it’s fun really! And John Travolta’s promised not to do the full-monty.

The Gnome Company in Indiahhhhhhhhh!

Ben, this goes out from R-B-o-H and L-B-o-H...



NanNan said...

I'm on my way over --- but H, get out of the rain!! You might catch a cold!(sound mawtherinlawly??)

B Ditty said...

awe, thank you so much H :) Love to ya too!

Lizza said...

That's one hell of a party! Don't forget to save me one of those H statues.

H said...

NansterMum! Love ya. I'm out of the rain. Can't help it... it's beating down sunshine now. Isn't Ben a sweetie?!

Bennay Jay D, you's da man! Thank YOU. You make y'r H-friend feel special. 'Tis the best gift ever.

Lizzaaaa, I'm so glad you could join us! I SAW Johnny flirting with you. ;-) He's incorrigible!

NanNan said...

Don't know about Ben being a sweetie, but I'm kinda partial to anything Frank!!!

H said...

Awww, hahahahaha! But he is! Hahahahaha. Ya Ha-Frank is adorable too.