Thursday, December 07, 2006


He said: “Where I come from, we like sentimental narratives. It’s considered high art.”

She said: “How odd.”

He said: “Yes. It is.”

They were silent.

He said: “But I like it a bit spiky now.”

She smiled.

He said: “It’s more fun that way. For me.”

She said: “Me too.”

She smiled. He smiled. They both looked down at the paneer tikka, amritsari fish and virgin mary.

He said: “No smoking, no drinking?”

She shrugged.

He said: “Your body must be a temple.”

She blushed into her script. He fiddled with the keyboard. Too late to take it back.

He said: “We wear only blacks and greys.”

She said: “That’s a gorgeous red shirt.”

He bought it immediately.

He said: “You have a sophisticated, penetrating, deep gaze that I find slightly confusing/ seductive”.

She said: “that’s a long sentence.”

He smiled. She smiled [confused and slightly seduced].

He said: "Dear H"

She said: "go on."

He said: “Alvida.”

She said: “Kal chaand dekha thha?”

Tiny tiny fleeting crush. Across continents.


[Phish, if you’re reading this, let me explain … ha ha ha.]


Lizza said...

You tickled me with this one. Ahh, the thrill of the first blush of a crush!

Translate the last part please? :-D

H said...

He said: “goodbye”

She said: “did you look at the moon yesterday?”

sigh. hahaha. the first, and probably last.

houseband00 said...

Yabba dabba doo!!!!

More please!


nunu's mum said...

He said: “You have a sophisticated, penetrating, deep gaze that I find slightly confusing/ seductive”.

Woah H, you little minx you!!!

yes, more pls, us pinoys are a greedy bunch!

NanNan said...

"Dear H"-- you are naughty!! Luring us into your web of mystery that leaves us craving for more!! Like who is Phish?? If you're needing to explain a trans-contintental crush, could he/she (Gotta be politically correct)perchance be a love interest?? I love a good Phish story!!! c'mon daughtah--- fess up!!

H said...

Hbeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: bad boy. shush. I'm blushing. can't you seeeeee?

Nunu's Mum: [gosh, I'm really grinning like an ass.] There really isn't any more to this. As 'he' said: "all the miles in between create a cruel distance between people." And that's where all things seem to come to a full complete stop.


Nanstaaaaaaah! Phish is a friend, who also knows the said 'He'. And she [a very very attractive young lady] has been chiding me for being so wishy-washy. So.

Gaaaaaaawwwwwwsh. i really sound like an ace ass don't I? Like a fifteen year old ass.

H said...

Nan, you sweet sweet thing, i just figured why you thought you should be politically correct. :-))))) [that's me laughing]... it's the 'with all my heart' post isn't it? The 'Her' in the post is a mother-figure. And the person the post is for is someone else... who brought 'Her' into my life. does that demystify things at all?

Lizza said...

Kinikilig ako!

That means I'm all giggly and thrilled.

H said...

Liz, I'm horribly grinny myself. this is terrible. :-D

Prometheus said...

Yeah, right! This is just like school. Them girls would go giggly wiggly at stupefyingly odd things like a Voltmeter and whisper among themselves. Prometheus could never for the love of Jesus figure out what DO GIRLS GO GIGGLY FOR. Yaaaarrghhh!

NanNan said...

Giggly, wiggly,,,I'm in hysterics, mysterics and just so you know pro, it's as clear as mud-- and I think you're a riot== a match for my beeeyoutifull Indian dawtah!! a literary match--- who knows???

houseband00 said...

And thus H returneth. =D

The One and Possibly Only said...

Prometheus,girls go giggly for cash......cold hard cash.

H said...

Prometheus: that's just a horrendous case of sour grapes, ole man. HA HA HA. Still giggly. And awfully grinny. And bubbling [are you ill enough already with this] HA HA HA. Someday you will understand me bwoy [famous last words?]

Nan: Hawwwww! [who's the brat here?! wow! you're soooo naughty!] are you trying to fix me up with Prometheus by any chance? Prometheus, hear hear! and RUN FOR COVER. Ha ha ha ha. But Nan, you surely must have some Indian blood. We love arranged marriages here. Hug [ok, the hug was not for trying to fix me up with fire-bwoy, but just... :-D]

HBEEEEEE: Yeah baby! She's back all right! HAaaaaaH.

Robert: robert robert robert. when did you get that wise? there's a LOT of pain in that voice my bwoy! ;-)

B Ditty said...

woah was that hindi in there?

Julia Scissor ;-) said...


H said...

Ben: yeah baby. that's hindi. read second comment to get hindi translation.

Julia: Grin... EXACTLY. couldn't have put it better myself.

go(ld)phish said...

a sobering thought to wind your penetrating yet sophisticated/seductive gaze(forgive!) could be, what if there were no miles in between? I think that calls for another post.

H said...

That, Phish, is indeed a sobering grin-wiping, giggle-strangling thought. there is only one answer to that - nothing.

Prometheus said...

Sour grapes H? Now why would Prometheus be sour-grape-y and all. If the gals had giggled at him, he would have a major self-check round (fly- check, shirt-check, ya know).

Someday, they'll write a book 'Women for Rocket Scientists', (seeing as it can never be possible to fully simplify women down to sub-differential calculus, they could never come up with 'Women for Dummies'). Prometheus will then claim to understand women.

And as regards Nannan hitchin us, aww.. Nanstah, gals reply to that with the Standard Response "you outta your skull?" followed by hysterical laughter. If persisted with, this may result in aforementioned girl throwing herself out of the window or doing a 'piggy on the raaillwaay'.

H said...

Prometheus, my bwoy. sour grapy cause you aren't giggling. simple.

But to seriously and pointedly counter you on that comment, men are more difficult to get that women. Men are creatures of much childhood-fisty-cuff related complexity. Which H just cannot comprehend. Women for dummies. hmmm. But women really like dummies, who will not be overbearing, not argue back, not fight and shout and be arsey... Women LOVE dummies. [as distinguished from dumb-ies]

Ah. you've been meeting the wrong kind of gals Bwoy. Have you heard H recite 'the boy stood on the burning deck?...'

Julia Scissor ;-) said...

Well, guys are a piece o’ cake if you can think from their point of view. While each woman has a mystery of her own, guys can be decoded using just one formula. Well, most of the time.

H said...

Julia... that's very insightful. hmmm. However, I do believe men have their mysteries too. it will always be a mystery to me why they like throwing punches around so much.

Julia Scissor ;-) said...

Well, if you read my last but one post you would know what I mean..

Prometheus said...

Awrite now, (sheesh, Prometheus has been overusing that 'awrite now' thang. But hey, you guys make Referee Prometheus step in with a 'awrite now, time out'.)

Big H, Jules; girls. Men do have mysteries and 'bout more than throwin punches. Diff is they aren't (don't pretend to be) complicated-er than differential calculus integrated with pop-psychology. Why Prometheus wants to defend the male standpoint is cuz yer about to make him break another 'male' rule: Boys don't cry.

NanNan said...

Indian blood? That would explain why I gravitate fast forward to the Indian section of the food court, while Mike is trying to pull me towards the Thai section-- I love Indian cuisine(fast food variety) decor, fabric, and of course YOU!!

H said...

Prometheus bwoy, awright then, i think what you need now is a warm warm hug. there there. smile now.

Naaaaannnstahh! You have to come here. You just have to. We'll make it happen.

Julia Scissor ;-) said...

*giggles* That's hilarious. A gang of girls getting on Lord Prometheus' nerves.
Well, my observation so far has been this. All men - when you see them only as 'men' - are the same. The difference is that of degree not of kind. Of course there are exceptions to this like there are to every generalization.

I think boys who give in and cry once in a while are a lot more lovable than those who are ever-crusty. (Oh god, now I am beginning to sound like a relationships expert. Which I am not.)

H said...

There, see, Prometheus sweetie, we ALL like you. because you cry. You make Humphrey Boggart [sp?] look like a taxidermist's faux pas.

Jules [as affectionately addressed by the Man himself] methinks you could be wrong there... this is very very much a viable career option for you my dear girl. I am convinced. And really, do two construe a gang? Hmmm. Big H has now assumed proportions she didn't realise were possible. Prom bwoy, watch out.

Prometheus said...

Two? H-girl, a gang of half a girl should be enough to break Prometheus. Stick n stones and 76mm mortars and 9.62 SLRs and RCL guns and the odd thermonuclear device, Prometheus can handle. Girls? umm, thermowhatever device anyone?

Okay, 'ayeeeeeee, woe is meeeeeee... ayeeee, i lay down and dieeee' (zat wuz an old gypsy song. YOU said Prometheus should cry :D

Julia Scissor ;-) said...

Women are pack animals. Guys at my engg coll tell me they can't see why women need a pal or two to go shopping with. But what takes the cake is that we even visit the washroom in groups.
Ergo, more than 1 girl = gang of girls.